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Milanese Romano
You are invited to visit our website were you will find just some of the vast range of chairs, armchairs, sofas, and tables (in traditional and modern styles) manufactured by us for use in both catering (hotels, restaurants, congress rooms, etc.) and residential contexts.

We supply our customers with frames (unfinished wood members assembled or unassembled) for chairs, armchairs, and sofas ready for varnishing, as well as finished, packaged products ready for retail. 

Our company can manufacture items in a huge variety of surface finish types and colours, fabrics, upholstery, and wood varieties. This provides our customers with the option of creating personalized products, or their own collections, choosing frame type, surface finish, fabric, and upholstery.

All our items are the outcome of almost fifty years’ experience manufacturing chairs and lounge furniture. Skilful hands have succeeded in combining the love of valuable antique materials with the demand for products that are ever more comfortable and suited to modern life.

Every item is unique and unrepeatable, emerging as it does from numerous manual work processes conducted by expert craftsmen.

It is precisely because of this that we are able to produce any seat, armchair, or sofa, also based on a sample or the customer’s designs.

We have been handicraft manufacturers since 1963, something of which we are proud and a guarantee of reliability for all our retailers and customers.

We are also able to carry out repairs, and modifications to satisfy the most varied needs, both for individual and multiple items.
Il prodotto artigianale ,costruito da un vero e autentico laboratorio artigianale ha caratteristiche e pregi che molti prodotti costruiti a grandi numeri non potranno mai avere che sono i seguenti: 1° PERSONALIZZAZIONE il prodotto come il nostro viene ... (read this new)