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Company profile

Tradizione artigianale Milanese Romano

Since 1963 our handicrafts factory has been manufacturing chairs, armchairs, sofas, and tables in traditional and modern styles and we are able to reproduce antique models, adapting them to the needs of our era.

We supply our customers with frames (unfinished wood members assembled or unassembled) for chairs, armchairs, and sofas ready for varnishing, as well as finished, packaged products ready for retail. 

Our company can manufacture items in a huge variety of surface finish types and colours, fabrics, upholstery, and wood varieties. This provides our customers with the option of creating personalized products, or their own collections, choosing frame type, surface finish, fabric, and upholstery.

Our aim has always been to create reliable products that are easy to sell for operators in the sector, and which at the same time are high class items of furniture providing final users with many years of satisfaction and pride.

We have been operating in the market for almost half a century and our resulting wide-ranging experience ensures that we can give our customers the right answers to their needs, also organizing the delivery of orders throughout the world.

Our vast production is also intended for big hotels, restaurants, congress venues and all those looking for a high class quality product that is comfortable and durable. Frequently, in order to satisfy the specific requests of our customers, we have reproduced and/or created new models ad hoc, analyzing and inspecting every detail in collaboration with designers, architects, and interior decorators.

Furthermore, we can conduct repairs and modifications to satisfy the most varied needs, both for single or multiple items.

On the pages of this website you can see just a small part of our range of products and finishes, and for this reason we suggest you contact us for a first hand experience of the quality and furnishing options our company is capable of providing.

Tradizione artigianale Milanese Romano